How We Got Here

When we initially setup this business, we were at the time working individually. Our different backgrounds and personalities had experience of managing businesses which left a gap that limited our personal growth. 

Inevitably, working alone required non-core areas of expertise and so our shared ideals and energy allowed us to come together and form a collective.

With our shared harnessed power, we guarantee to work on projects we believe will be successful for all.

Why Us?

We share the same values, morals and principles based around quality, honesty and fairness.  

There is plenty of success for all to share and so we offer a service that will move companies we work with into a positive, profitable and fulfilling direction.

Using Ajooni, you get our undivided attention and expert advice.



  • Do you sleep a lot?

  • Does sunlight freak you out?

  • Bad breath, long fingernails?

Then join us.

Working for us guarantees career growth and exposure to global clients and projects.

We welcome speculative applications to retain on our database to please get in touch. Current opportunities:

  • Digital Apprentice / Junior

  • Contract / Freelance Website developer

  • Support Engineer

I always believed that communication in any form is a vital part of life and the times we are living in, are such, that we have the capability to make it happen. The world is our oyster and technology has made this possible.

I can say that I’m the voice of Ajooni as I don’t tend to hold back on my views and always speck my mind, not forgetting that the cheeky sixth sense is always a gained advantage.
— Jas Bassi - Director